Julie Fulkerson

When and why did you become involved with the Eureka Symphony?   

            I bumped into another member of the ES at the airport who said, "you should join us. Carol Jacobson is conducting." 

What was your musical experience before you joined the Eureka Symphony?

            I’ve had a lifetime of music. Both of my parents were professional musicians. My mother was a cellist and played in the Carmel Bach Festival starting at age 16. She met my father, a conductor and pianist, and moved to Humboldt where he conducted the Humboldt Symphony for decades. I was born in Arcata and grew up under a Steinway listening to chamber music my entire childhood. I learned to sit still and be quiet at endless hours of rehearsals and performances from Humboldt to Vienna. Eventually, I sat in the back of the second violin section at age 14. With a break for work and politics, I am back in the same place, the back of the section where I can see and hear the whole works. Mostly, second violins are ignored, but we know we are the important internal structure of the string section.           

What is your day job?

            I work with businesses and community organizations to make sure they play well together, not unlike my role as a musician. I have been a public school teacher, counselor, business owner, elected official for decades and am the Mayor of Trinidad. Happily, my day job is turning into more of a violinist. I play in five regular groups and several others from time to time.

Recount something interesting, amusing, unusual or rewarding that has happened to you as a result of the symphony.

             I had the courage to sign up for a Play-in with San Francisco Symphony players. It was a treat to sit next to a pro and hear the sounds of the magnificent Davies Hall. This past summer, I played with a small orchestra in Vienna where we played a benefit concert for Nepal earthquake victims.

My favorite playing is with friends in our homes. No performances, just endless living music…


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